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El Cid Vacations Club promises travelers from around the world the lap of luxury during their vacations. Nothing can be better than staying at their high class accommodations while also enjoying all of the amenities they make available for travelers from around the world who come enjoy their resorts, especially during the popular summer travel season.

The city of Mazatlan offers many prime examples of interesting attractions and culture that vacationers enjoy, something El Cid Vacations Club shares makes the city a popular travel choice. With so many examples of impressive architecture, beautiful beaches and scenic landmarks, this won’t disappoint any traveler. Here are a few recommendations from El Cid Vacations Club of the best things to do in Mazatlan.

Start off the day at the Malecon, Mexico’s version of the boardwalk in beach cities similar to the United States. This is home to some diverse amounts of fun as well as education about the area, especially an introduction to the delicious cuisine. Be sure to stop by any of the delicious restaurants at the Malecon for fresh seafood or other traditional Mexican dishes.

After a swim at the nearby beach, take a walk and go sightseeing around the famous Centro Historica Plaza Machado. This is home to some of the most unique sights Mazatlan has to offer, including the newly restored and very beautiful Angela Peralta Theater. While nearby, be sure to check out the excellent souvenir shopping at the Central Market.

Last but not least, El Cid Vacations Club shares that spending time at the resort will be the best way to unwind after a long day of sightseeing. Perhaps a relaxing spa treatment after a long day on the go will be a great way for parents to relax while kids watch a movie in the room. After all, you deserve it.