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Summer is here, and one of the best locations to spend these warm months is Mazatlán, in the country of Mexico. To view this historic city, El Cid Vacations Club has the best deals and ways to get there. Located in the Mexican state of Sinaloa, it sits as the second largest city in the state. Mazatlán has a rich history, fascinating tales, and many different attractions for the whole family to enjoy. El Cid Vacation Club knows the best insider places to visit, and all of the great locations to check out. Before you go, it might benefit you to know a little bit about the city.

Officially settled in 1531,Mazatlán had indigenous people, such as the Totorames, before the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors. These indigenous settlers mostly lived off of fishing, and had commercial relations with countries such as Peru, the Philippines, and the United States until the early nineteenth century.

Mazatlán was divided into twenty-five provinces in 1534, and stayed this way for years, although the provinces eventually started to merge. The year of 1749 divided the state of Sinaloa into five provinces, and a provincial government was established in 1786, with the first mayor, Garrido Duran. The famous Mexican Revolution, started by priest Dolores Hidalgo started the push for Mexican independence, and the 1813 Cadiz constitution made it official, and Mexico became fully independent in 1820 after years of war with Spain.

Due to it’s location next to the Pacific Ocean, Mazatlán became a popular port city, with Cerro de la Aduana becoming the cities first port in 1821. Throughout its history, Mazatlán has had its share of invaders, with the United States, British, and French attempting to invade the city in a span from 1847 to 1868.

1879 was the year of the founding of the famous Mazatlánian lighthouse, known as El Faro. Often mistaken as a star, due to its static light, the lighthouse was considered at one point to be the highest In the world, and can be seen today for up to thirty nautical miles. It’s also the sight of the well-known cliff divers, who dive off of high rocks into the Pacific Ocean, truly a sight to be seen, and one that you’ll definitely want to check out when you visit Mazatlán.

The Centro Historico has undergone something of a renaissance in the twenty-first century, and has become one of the main tourist locations in the city. With historical architecture, and modern-day amenities, it’s the main hub in the city, and where a lot of tours are centered.

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