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Carnival is a massive celebration held every February in Mexico and El Cid Vacations Club is the best way to experience all of the festivities and entertainment. Massive floats, concerts, food, and parties are trademarks of this event, and is something that truly needs to be experience to realize just how big it really is. Starting the week before Ash Wednesday, the country turns into a giant Mardi Gras style party, and it feels like everyone in Mexico comes out to celebrate. El Cid Vacations Club is the best way to get to Cancun and take in all of the festivities, as well as the lovely beaches and other events occurring in Cancun.

Festivities mostly occur in El Centro, or on the long beaches, home to the second largest coral reef in the world. Merida is also a great spot to celebrate in, out of the way of tourists and giving you the most authentic view of Cancun. Some of the events, such as the Inaugural Parade on Sunday might not be the best to brings small children to, as there is a lot of hectic activity and people, so they could get lost in the crowds.

Carnival starts and ends with huge parades, celebrating Cancun, and the country of Mexico. Ambassador-queens compete for honor of riding on elegant handmade floats at the beginning and end of Carnival, as well as being present at the Carnival king coronation, in which one person is selected to rule over the festivities.

The Floral Games are held in the local baseball stadium, and this is also the location for the Cancun Flores Queen. The floral games are a celebration of Cancun’s literature, giving out awards for poetry, music, and writing. Poetry readings occur here, as well as live music and book readings. Cancun is very proud of their literary history, and this event pays tribute to that.

Saturday is the Bad Mood Burning. In an event similar to Burning Man in the United States, this event sees a giant figure burned in effigy, signifying the release of bad mood in Cancun, and bringing in good mood for the coming year. Sometimes the figure may be of a famous person, but its all done in good fun, it’s been described as a giant Mexican piñata.

Sunday is the day that everyone has waited for, the Inaugural Parade. This is when Cancun truly puts on a show, with pomp and circumstance rivaling anywhere in the world. One of the most colorful and fun filled displays you will ever see, floats weave their way throughout the city, with people throwing beads and candy to spectators. The king and queen of Carnival get their own extravagant float, and are the main attraction of the Inaugural Parade.

El Cid Vacations Club is the best way to experience all of these events, and more! With El Cid Vacations Club, you get access to exclusive benefits and membership perks that allow you to make early reservations for locations and discounts for restaurants. Happy travels!