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El Cid Vacations Club suggests that if you are camping with a dog or more than one dog then you will definitely have to plan ahead. The main reason is because some campgrounds do not allow dogs and you will have to find and book these places in advance in order to not lose your vacation spot. So you will have to do some research and go online and call or email the places that you plan on camping. Many campgrounds even if they allow dogs have rules that you will have to follow while you are camping with your family pets. El Cid Vacations Club understands that this is just another reason you will have to contact the campground or find their website online.

The campgrounds that have websites usually have their information about pets and what the regulations are for having them there on the campground. Once you get to their website you should look to see if they have pet dispensers that are filled continuously with pet bags for their waste. You will also have to see if you have to bring your own water supplies for yourself and your pet. El Cid Vacations Club knows that one of the last things you will have to find out is if they allow dogs on the trails they have around your campsite and in the water. That is unless you do not want your dog to do activities with you if you go out hiking, walking or swimming while you are at the campground.